Once you’re on the mat, time stands still

A 100% natural concept that brings an ideal improvement to your daily well-being and supports your health!
Just sit or lie down while listening to music during your meditation , watch TV or even during your phone conversations.

Negative ions are extremely positive for your health.

Miwell carpets produce negative ions that will promote your sleep and relaxation but also a better exchange between your cells and a better penetration of oxygen in your lungs.

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Far infrared rays,
a NATURAL painkiller

The radiation produced by the carpet combined with semi-precious stones it contains will increase the heat of your body directly to the heart of your muscle tissue. This will improve your blood circulation, your immune system and the action of your cells.

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Balance the Yin Yang energiesAnchor stoneRelax muscles
Develops creativityProtects against electromagnetic wavesSoothes anxieties
Improve sleep qualityPromotes relaxation of body and mind…Promotes nervous and intellectual balance

Adopt the right reflex in prevention

  • Relax the muscle chain
  • Soothes and calms the nervous system
  • Relieves acute chronic pain
  • Boost good mood and well-being
  • Boost the immune system


Super discovery! I suffer from cold in winter because of the humidity. This carpet saves me! I measured the electromagnetic waves and nothing shows on my screen except near the wall socket but the measurement is infinitely small and safe. The heat is penetrating and we would tend to sleep on it … So be careful not to put the temperature too high (maximum 50 degrees).

Véronique Jans

Unbelievable. The shoulder pain and inflammation of my ankle took off quickly. I am agitated and wake up every three hours. Thanks to the carpet, I managed to take a nap of 45 minutes. I put classical music and I lie down, the dream! I also managed to sleep a full night. In the morning, I wake up more energetic than before. It changes my life!

Odile K.

I opened myself to a world that was unknown to me and what an incredible discovery !!!! Hours after my first demo session, I could feel the benefits of Amethyst crystals and Jade on my body. I can not write correctly the feeling felt, certainly, there is heat but it goes beyond that because I really feel a sense of well-being, relaxing invade me. To understand it you have to really experience Miwell.

Laetitia Henry, Blogueuse

After 5 days Jadmat, I clearly felt a boost of energy and good mood, the ability to quickly regenerate when necessary. Relaxing, very nice. I love using it for 10 minutes on 70 degrees because after I feel a new energy! It’s really good and thank you !!

Marie Annette V. P.

The first time my daughter and I tested the Jade and Tourmaline carpet, we slept deeply and in total peace. Subsequently, being tired during the month of January, I warmed thanks to the carpet and I quickly felt a boost of energy.


At our Terra Divina wellness center, everyone can enjoy each infrared carpet with tourmaline and jade or amethyst. Customers are very satisfied! And during breaks, we also enjoy the maximum! Extra-qualitative relaxation with a curative effect – Wonderful!

Heidi Elzen, Thérapeute

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