Fatigue. Stress. Pain.


Do you know the virtues of MiWell mats?

Improve your health and well-being

Miwell offers you several mats based on natural stones and minerals that emit far infrared rays. They represent the fusion of modern technology and ancient Korean medicine.

They combine 4, 100% natural, therapies: lithotherapy, thermotherapy, infratherapy as well as ionization, for effective results, and this, over the long term!

It’s made for you

No matter your age (from 6 years old),
Miwell mats detoxify and regenerate your body and mind! A joy for the whole family! Portable and practical, they can be placed on a bed, on the floor or on an armchair…
The professionals
As a therapist, massage therapist or yoga teacher, our mats are a complementary treatment to offer during your sessions.
The companies
The mats can be made available to your employees during their moments of relaxation.

Easy to use and easy to use

Plug in the mat, select the temperature that suits you and set up.

Sitting position: the mat in contact with your back, stomach or legs, while reading a book, listening to music or watching a movie.

Lying down: during a nap, relaxation or yoga session.

They are satisfied

Here are the latest testimonials received from our customers.

What are you waiting for to be among the 98% of satisfied users?

Véronique Jans

Superb discovery! I suffer from the cold in winter because of the humidity. This mat saves me! I have measured the electromagnetic waves and nothing appears on my screen except near the wall socket but the measurement is infinitely small and safe. The heat is penetrating and we would tend to sleep on it… So we must be careful not to set the temperature too high (maximum 50 degrees).

Marie Annette v. P.

After 5 days of Jadmat, I clearly felt a renewed energy and good mood, the possibility of being able to regenerate quickly when necessary. Relaxing, very pleasant. I love using it for 10 minutes on 70 degrees because then I feel a new energy. It’s really good and I thank you!

Odile K.

Unbelievable. The shoulder pain and inflammation of my ankle quickly disappeared. I am restless by nature and wake up every three hours. Thanks to the mat, I managed to take a 45-minute nap. I play classical music and I lie down, the dream! I also managed to sleep through the night. In the morning, I wake up more energetic than before.
It changes my life!


The first time my daughter and I tested the Jade and Tourmaline mat, we slept soundly and in total peace. Then, being tired during the month of January, I warmed up the mat and quickly felt a boost of energy.

Laetitia Henry

I opened myself to a world that was unknown to me and what an incredible discovery! Hours after my first demo session, I was able to feel the benefits of Amethyst crystals and Jade on my body. I can’t describe the feeling correctly, certainly there is heat, but it goes beyond that because I really feel a feeling of well-being, of relaxation invading me. To understand it, you really have to experience Miwell.


As soon as I lay on the Jade mat, I immediately felt that all my organs and muscles were letting go completely.

Heidi Elzen

At our Terra Divina wellness center, everyone can enjoy every infrared mat with Tourmaline and Jade or Amethyst. The customers are very satisfied! And during breaks, we also make the most of it! Extra qualitative relaxation with a healing effect – Wonderful!