We often hear people complaining about pain, but in the end, what is this pain?

Few people talk about it, but more and more people are suffering from pain due to stress, fatigue or even chronic pain, and this is happening at an ever younger age. Indeed, 20% of Belgians suffer from migraines one day in their lives. In Belgium, the most frequent conditions are back problems (67%), joint pain (59%), neck pain (30%), arthritis – inflammation of joints (23%) and fibromyalgia – pain in muscles and tissues (21%).

Pain can also come from stress overdoses and a lack of time to decompress leading to restless sleep and we are then in a vicious circle because our poor sleep generates even more stress.

It is, therefore, essential to listen to your pain and respond with natural methods because, over time, medications no longer work as well and can become harmful to the body.

But what are the alternative ways we can find to manage this pain? We give you here an exhaustive list of the five best natural options in our opinion, which can prevent or help this pain reduction:

1) Acupuncture

Acupuncture is nowadays recognized as an effective technique to relieve many types of pain (gastrointestinal disorders, arthritis, shoulder and neck pain, back pain, migraines, dental pain, etc.). This has been scientifically proven.

2) Massage

Massage helps to relax, clear the mind and reduce stress. But it also relieves pain. It is effective from headaches to back pain and cancer treatment pain.

3) MiWell mats

MiWell offers you several mats based on natural stones and minerals that emit far infrared rays. They represent the fusion of modern technology and ancient Korean medicine. They combine 4 100% natural therapies: lithotherapy, thermotherapy, infratherapy, and ionization, for effective results!

No matter your age (from 6 years old), MiWell mats detoxify and regenerate your body and mind! Indeed, thanks to their heating properties, far infrared rays target certain parts of your body and allow you to relax. Stress, fatigue, and pain will be a distant memory thanks to the natural anti-inflammatory effect of this mat!

In addition, MiWell mats do not take up any of your time as they can be used during another activity such as sleeping or watching TV.

4) Sophrology and relaxation

Sophrology is an alternative medicine whose principle is as follows: what is positive for the body or the mind, has a positive impact on the being. Its objective is to establish a balance between emotions, thoughts and the body. To achieve this, we practice deep breathing and learn to relax.

5) Hot baths

You don’t necessarily take a bath just to wash. Some baths with essential oils or plants have the power to soothe our moods, tone our body and even act against our pain.


So you see that there are many options available to you if you are suffering from small or severe pain or even if you want to take care of your body, because that is the key to preventing the risk of pain or disease. Of course, you can combine several methods with the relaxation technique on a MiWell mat which, thanks to its heating property, will help you to let go faster and enjoy your relaxation time to the maximum.