Benefits of jade stone

The name jade is shared by two minerals: nephritis and jadeite.

It is the ultimate “Stone of Dreams”, revered since the 12th century in China, where it was believed to have certain medicinal properties, including the ability to prevent and cure urinary tract disorders.

It also helps to balance energies. Indeed, it balances female polarity (yin) and male polarity (yang). This helps to stabilize emotions and encourages creativity.

It seems that the stone emits positive energies to protect the kidneys, heart, larynx, liver, spleen, thymus and thyroid.

Operation of the JadMat

Once the mat is plugged in and the temperature set, the jade stone and tourmaline are heated in order to project far infrared rays that penetrate your dermis to a depth of 7 cm. Jade stone effectively absorbs natural infrared heat and transmits it to the body in a gentle way.

The Jade mat will soothe your pain: back pain, headaches, and arthritis or stiff joints. It will help you relax your muscles, reduce your stress, improve your blood circulation, relieve joint or rheumatic pain and reduce your high blood pressure.