Infratherapy is a technique originating in Japan that uses Far Infrared Rays (IRL). . This radiation has no harmful impact on your health, quite the contrary. These rays are able to penetrate your dermis so that your body can fully enjoy the benefits of the therapy.

MiWell mats also allow you to perform infratherapy sessions independently in your home.

How does it work?

The radiation produced by the mat combined with the semi-precious stones it contains will increase the heat of your body directly in the heart of your muscle tissues. This will improve your blood circulation, your immune system and the action of your cells.

During a session on one of our mats, your body will be fully sought. You will start sweating and your heart rate will increase slightly. This is how, naturally, your body will discharge all the toxins and other heavy metals that clutter it up. Owning a MiWell mat is a real ally to detoxify you.

Your body will regain its serenity, but so will your mind. Indeed, infratherapy also allows you to relax and to regain a better hormonal balance. Thanks to far infrared rays, produced naturally by the sun, you will boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure and strengthen your skin.

Goodbye cellulite and excess weight!