Lithotherapy refers to the care provided by precious or semi-precious stones. Indeed, they can, as well as minerals, bring a subtle energy to your body and especially to your mind.

Did you know that they can really soothe your body, mind, and emotions? Our feelings are just frequencies on which our brain navigates so that you feel happy, sad, relaxed or anxious. Stones and minerals are able to interact with these same frequencies to soothe you. They are also very frequently used for meditation and yoga.

The principle of lithotherapy is based on the different capacities of the stones. MiWell mats all improve your health and general well-being, but at different levels since they integrate different stones.

Let’s take the JadMat to start.
As its name suggests, it contains jade stones. This stone has soothing properties on various colic and kidney stones. The action of Jade stone mainly affects the kidneys, urinary, circulatory and nervous systems. It also promotes fertilization, limits sweating, reduces migraines, and helps to find inner peace.
JadMat also contains tourmaline. This second stone protects the nervous and digestive systems, strengthens your muscles and bones. From a psychological point of view, it reduces your fears, improves self-confidence and helps you to regain a stable emotional balance.

Finally, let’s take the CristalMats (Mini and Pro).
These mats are mainly composed of pure amethyst crystals. They encourage soothing and purification of your body and mind. This stone helps you to relieve your stress and regain calm. So it’s a real asset if you suffer from insomnia! Thanks to the amethyst, say goodbye to your skin, respiratory, blood and migraine problems! Similarly, if you suffer from back pain or joint and muscle pain (arthritis, sprains, etc.), you can count on this ally.