The thermotherapy

Thermotherapy is an ancestral Asian technique (example: hot stone massages) that uses the benefits of heat to relieve you of muscle and joint pain. People with arthritis feel particularly relieved thanks to it.

Many people already use thermotherapy without knowing it. Have you ever used a hot water bottle when you felt tense? Have you ever taken a nice hot bath to relax? You see! You too are already a fan of thermotherapy.

In order for you to enjoy it to the full, MiWell has created mats for you using the regenerating principles of heat..

Once you have one of our mats, all you have to do is plug it in and choose your ideal temperature. Then sit or lie on it so that the mat can do its job. In contact with your body, the mat will gradually warm it up and thus fluidize your blood circulation. Your warmed blood flow will flow more quickly throughout your body and especially into the area to be treated.

This heat thus brought to your painful muscles or joints will allow them to be quickly soothed. Heat is, in fact, a kind of analgesic that slows down nerve messages to your brain.

The virtues of thermotherapy are multiple: treatment of muscle pain, respiratory system, digestive spasms, and menstruation; relief of organic disorders of daily life and age-related conditions.

Its effects on the improvement of health are multiple: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, healing, stimulating, relaxing…

Temperature guide

For use for 30 to 90 minutes: 55 – 65°C

This temperature will allow you to evacuate stress, tension, anxiety and pain due to an accident. It will strengthen your muscles, joints and skin.

We suggest 2 such cycles per day.

For use for 30 to 90 minutes: 65 – 70°C

This temperature will give you a sauna effect, ideal for detoxifying and cleansing your body. Also perfect for weight loss.

For long use, e. g. at night: 35 – 40°C

This temperature will help you to have a restful sleep and feel in great shape when you wake up. Intense relaxing effect.

For long use, 2 hours or more: 45 – 55°C

This temperature is ideal to strengthen your respiratory or cardiac system and improve your blood pressure.