Enjoy the benefits of an IRL sauna at home and easy to transport with the JadMat! Did you know that? The great particularity of the Jade mat is that it combines 4 therapies:

  1. Thermotherapy (heat)
  2. Infratherapy, better known as “far infrared rays
  3. The Negative Ions
  4. Lithotherapy (natural stones).

Most of us know the benefits of heat (thermotherapy). It is very effective and has been around since time immemorial. As for far infrared, we know less about them.

What is that? Far infrared rays or IRL are emitted by the sun and make us feel an internal heat. Plants and animals need to grow. That’s why everyone is looking for the sun.

When your body receives it, you feel healthy, energetic and equipped to face physical challenges. As their intensity decreases, your body may become more sensitive to environmental risks, physical illnesses, and rapid aging. Let’s take a closer look at these rays.

What is infrared radiation?

Sunlight is made up of different wavelengths that when combined create “daylight”. Infrared heat

Infrared light is in the lower wavelengths of the spectrum.

It is not visible to the naked eye. On the other hand, we feel it. Indeed, it is at the origin of the heat we feel on beautiful sunny days.

Infrared rays are classified into 4 categories according to their wavelength:

  1. The short rays
  2. The average rays
  3. The distant rays
  4. Extra-distant rays.

Focus on infratherapy

The wavelength of distant radiation is what leads to the development of life in nature. It corresponds to that emitted mainly by the human body.

The fundamental element that interests us here is that far infrared rays have the particularity of penetrating deep into tissues of the human body.

Once they have penetrated the tissues of our body, they resonate with the molecules of our body, increasing the heat.

What does this have to do with the MiWell mat?

The Jade mat is a double-sided heating mat, made up of jade and tourmaline stones on one side and clay and coal on the other, which are natural heat conductors.

Studies have shown that increasing body temperature helps the normal function of all our organs and improves overall health.

According to traditional oriental medicine, jade – a natural infrared ray diffuser – when heated, insulates and concentrates infrared rays in the longest wavelength absorbable by the body 4-16 μm to penetrate to a depth of 7 cm!

Result? Infrared heat:

  • generates a heating of muscles and internal organs;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • allows blood vessels to dilate;
  • accelerates blood circulation;
  • burns calories;
  • releases toxins;
  • relieves stress.

Consequence on our organism:

As tissues are purified of accumulated toxins, they “breathe” better thanks to the supply of oxygen and nutrients they need.

The stone also emits positive energies to protect, stimulate the lungs, heart, larynx, liver, spleen, thymus, immune system, kidneys and helps detoxify the blood.

This therapy is a safe and natural method to achieve overall health and well-being!

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