Uses of Miwell mats at home.

Are you stressed and lacking energy?

Don’t you have time to take care of yourself?

Miwell is an innovative concept, made for you!

Miwell mats are heating mats based on natural and mineral stones that emit far infrared rays and negative ions!

A 100% natural concept that provides an ideal improvement to your daily well-being and supports your health in a current stressful lifestyle!

Simply adjust the temperature that suits you (link to the FAQS for contraindications), position yourself comfortably on your Miwell mat, and let the far infrared rays penetrate deep into your body to improve your body’s vital functions.

The benefits of this concept are:

  • Relaxation the muscle chain
  • Appeasement of the nervous system
  • Relief of acute chronic pain
  • Boost of good mood and well-being
  • Boost of the immune system
  • Vitalizing
  • Improvement of the blood circulation
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system and detoxifies the body
  • Providing a restorative sleep

Used in many SPAs and medical practices, this therapy has great advantages when used for long periods of time at home. Portable and practical, Miwell mats can be placed on the surface of your choice, the armchair, the floor, or the bed…

Just sit or lie down listening to music, during your meditation, watching television or even during your telephone conversations.

Once you are on the mat, time stops, the mind disconnects in order to better feel and listen to its own body.

In winter and summer, it helps you fight against humidity, cooling and fatigue.

Adopt the right prevention reflex and improve your daily health for you and your family!